10 (more) free security tools worth a look

Security pros have a lot to juggle, but look in the right places and you can find invaluable assistance for free.

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Maintaining security is a never-ending business. There’s so much to worry about, from misconfigured software to phishing attacks to a rapidly expanding inventory of devices with their own vulnerabilities and update requirements. We could all use a little help to stay on top of things, as we strive to assess where issues lie, protect data effectively, and test the defenses we have put in place to see how robust they really are.

Fortunately, better security doesn't have to break the bank. There are many excellent free security tools available that can help you take those first practical steps towards some peace of mind.

Adding to CSO's roundup of the 24 best free security tools, here are 10 more worth your consideration. Try some out and find what works best for you.

  1. AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX)
  2. Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition
  3. Imperva Scuba Database Vulnerability Scanner
  4. LogRhythm NetMon Freemium
  5. KnowBe4 Phish-prone
  6. Qualys Cloud Platform Community Edition
  7. Sophos Intercept X for Mobile
  8. KnowBe4 RanSim
  9. Have I Been Pwned?
  10. Kali Linux

AT&T Alien Labs Open Threat Exchange (OTX)

Powered by a global community of more than 100,000 security professionals, OTX is all about identifying cyberattacks and threats as they emerge. Information is presented that summarizes each threat and informs on how to figure out whether it’s relevant to your organization. This goes beyond which environments are at risk and what is being targeted to look at where attacks originate and the motives behind them. Collaboration through the OTX community can help you validate threats and find strategies for remediation.

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