How India’s CSOs are battling high stress levels and burnout in cybersecurity

Indian CISOs explain how remote working following the COVID-19 outbreak has made an already challenging job even harder, and share their ideas on how to deal with the pressure

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Over the last two years, independent research reports have consistently indicated an alarming rise in stress levels among cybersecurity professionals.

A study conducted by the Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) reveals that 30 percent of security professionals experience tremendous stress. Furthermore, 27 percent of CISOs admit that mounting stress levels greatly impact their ability to do the job.

CSO Online India speaks to CISOs to get a read on how the job has gotten tougher, and what they do to beat the stress.

In addition to long working hours, the increasing complexity of organized cyber-attacks, and an ever-increasing skills shortage, the sudden shift towards remote working in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak has ratcheted up the difficulty level by several notches.

Security teams are now faced with the challenge of protecting devices outside the safe environment of the office network. Patch management is proving to be a challenge, and previously-untested collaboration apps like Zoom have presented serious security threats.

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