10 ways to get more from your security budget

In today's economic climate, CISOs have to make every penny count and maximize every dollar. Here’s how some do that.

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For years, security budgets seemed to go only one direction: up. As recently as February of this year, some 62% of organizations said they planned to increase their cybersecurity spending for 2020, according research by analyst firm ESG.

But that was then.

Like their C-suite peers, CISOs today are being asked to do more with less – and probably will be for some time, as the world continues in these uncertain economic times.

A survey conducted in April by IDG (CSO's parent company) found that 35% of IT leaders expect their budgets to decrease as a result of Covid-19 and the related economic downturn, and for 45% of them expense management has become their primary focus.

“You never have enough money, you never have enough people to do the job you need to get done. But the CISO’s job every single day is to reduce risk, so you have to be really smart about how you do things,” says Curt Dalton, a managing director and global leader of the security and privacy practice at the consulting firm Protiviti.

With that in mind, Dalton and several other security leaders offer their ideas on how they and other CISOs can get more out of their security budgets:

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