Everything CSOs Need to Know About Security with an ITaaS Model

A pay-per-use model makes managing sensitive data in on-premises environments economical and efficient.

Security in the datacenter

The public cloud has proven to be a catapult for efficiencies and cost savings. And yet, roughly two-thirds of apps and data still remain on prem, according to the IDC June 2019 Cloud Pulse.

That’s because, particularly for CSOs, public clouds have drawbacks around security, governance, and compliance, including data sovereignty. In fact, Futurum Research found that 73% of organizations cite security as a top concern in public cloud adoption.

On the other hand, the cost to store, manage, and secure on-prem data and applications can be very expensive, and not just in terms of physical infrastructure. Considering the ongoing shortage in security skills and the expanded attack surface, securing private infrastructure — including patching, updates, and alert management — can cause burnout among already stretched-thin IT and security teams.

That’s why companies are considering an on-prem IT consumption, or IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) model with management services. Rather than procuring servers and storage for the data center or private cloud, an ITaaS vendor works with you to determine infrastructure and capacity needs, then designs and delivers the solution to your site. Then, you pay only for the capacity actually used, which is determined with metering technology. If desired, the provider can manage the solution for you, too.

Improved Security for On-Prem Data and Apps

The IT consumption model enables organizations to economically retain sensitive data on prem, as well as scale quickly, such as for application development. Meanwhile, security teams retain complete control of the data and apps.

ITaaS also provides ITDMs with greater visibility throughout their IT environments. For example, many companies have shifted to a hybrid environment, with a mix of public cloud and private infrastructure. Getting insights, including overall security posture, often means stitching together multiple views. As a result, if incidents are not detected in a timely manner, the risks of breaches or attacks increase.

With the right ITaaS solution, CSOs gain a single, integrated view into security and compliance across the environment. For example, an AI-powered platform can monitor across infrastructure and predictively issue automated alerts for fast incident management.

Some IT consumption providers can extend these capabilities — and empower IT and security teams — with management services that:

  • Provide dedicated personnel with expertise in cybersecurity and compliance to deliver support and guidance, including routine patching and updates, and assistance with workload balancing across mixed IT environments;
  • Offer backup-as-a-service and disaster recovery-as-a-service to simplify workload management and mitigate risks.

An IT consumption model for private and on-prem infrastructure offers speed and agility for the business, reduced IT costs, and simplified management and monitoring.

Secure ITaaS from HPE GreenLake

“Our IT vision is to be in the cloud,” says the storage architect of a global consulting company. “However, with a large data center, we need the control and security of critical applications and workloads to be on-premises. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity provides us with the best of both worlds while significantly reducing our costs and improving our IT productivity managing in this model.”

HPE GreenLake offers consumption-based IT services that combine the flexibility and cost savings of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT. The solution enables companies to choose from a catalog of hardware, software, and expertise in a pay-per-use model — all within the control of the on-premises environment.

Learn more at https://www.hpe.com/us/en/greenlake.html

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