5 steps to building an effective disaster preparedness plan

Disasters come in many forms, but they all create disruptions in the workforce, networks and partner ecosystem. Here's how CISOs can prepare security teams for the next one.

disaster preparedness  >  checklist / batteries / tools / first aid kit / matches / water / radio
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In recent weeks, organizations around the world have had to quickly get up to speed on how to handle unforeseen events. The coronavirus has affected virtually every aspect of life and has forced many businesses to change their basic operations in ways virtually no one could have predicted.

This has been a lesson in the need for disaster preparedness and can also prove to be a teaching moment to improve preparedness plans at the ground level and for the future.

Building a security preparedness plan

When a crisis such as a pandemic or hurricane hits, CISOs and other security leaders need to consider these factors when helping to create and execute a preparedness plan.

1. Disruption from reduced staff

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