2020 Security: Securing Your Business with an Integrated Security Platform

SecureX cuts through complexity to deliver unified visibility and automated security workflows.

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IT security may, at times, seem an elusive goal.

CISOs are facing multiple challenges. Digital transformation efforts, cloud and mobile implementations, and DevOps adoption have led to increasingly complex IT environments. These same trends have also expanded the attack surface.

At the same time, security leaders are grappling with obstacles often outside their control — including sophisticated threats arising from well-funded attackers and the ongoing skills gap.

With the release of Cisco SecureX, CISOs gain a solution that addresses these challenges and offers the visibility and confidence that arise from an improved security posture.

Complexity is a multi-edged sword

Most companies have shored up their IT infrastructures with multiple tools to secure applications, clouds, endpoints, and the network. In fact, 85% of organizations say they use security products from up to 20 different vendors, according to Cisco’s 2020 CISO Benchmark Study. This complexity causes headaches.

“CISOs are spending an inordinate amount of time trying to integrate disparate products to obtain an end-to-end view of their security environment,” says Jeff Reed, Senior Vice President of Product, Cisco Security Business Group. “All the work it takes just to determine mean time to detect and mean time to respond across solutions is painful and ineffective.”

Furthermore, this multi-vendor complexity has contributed to cybersecurity fatigue: 42% of Benchmark Study participants say having multiple solutions makes it very challenging to proactively defend against malicious actors.

Improving overall security posture

The Cisco SecureX platform reduces this complexity and increases visibility across IT infrastructure — including cloud, network, workloads, and endpoints — through integration and automation. It offers a consistent experience to strengthen security posture without having to replace existing solutions or add layers of new technology.

“With SecureX, you can measure time to value in minutes,” says Reed. “We have already done all the integration across the Cisco security portfolio — from cloud and email security to threat intelligence and malware protection. It can all be unlocked with an API key for an out-of-the-box experience.”

Rather than having to manually stitch together observations from different products, CISOs gain a unified view in a single console to help speed responsiveness:

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“The dashboard can be used as a workbench for multiple users to collaborate,” Reed says. “It allows a variety of teams — NetOps, endpoint, SecOps, messaging — to work together on an incident and share context for faster resolution.”

SecureX also enables automation for security workflows, improving operations and making efficient use of scarce resources. For example, because it integrates threat information from Cisco Talos intelligence, security operations could quickly automate an action to block a domain or a file and isolate an endpoint from any network.

The next step

SecureX will launch in full this summer, but one of its functions is now available within Cisco Threat Response. Among its users, 83% say it has already reduced the time they spend on investigations.

“Threat Response is the best first step toward SecureX adoption,” Reed says. “Integration is simple, and it uses aggregated threat intelligence from Cisco Talos and our new threat hunting capability. It accelerates detection, investigation, and remediation of compromises, automating queries and alerts across the infrastructure.”

Integrated security platforms ensure CISOs not only reduce their complex environments but also achieve automatic visibility to better detect and respond to threats. These benefits will give CISOs confidence in their security posture as the attack surface continues to expand right along with business growth.

For more information on SecureX and to be placed on the waitlist for its release, visit the Cisco SecureX website.        


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