Frequency matters: the case for scanning early and often, part 1

The latest Veracode State of Software Security report reveals that scanning early, often, and steadily helps you fix more flaws faster while not contributing to security debt. The report finds 56 percent of software flaws eventually get fixed. While 76 percent of high severity flaws are addressed by developers, half of the applications showed a net reduction in flaws over the sample time frame.

In this episode of a Hard Look at Software Security, Paul Farrington, chief technology officer for the Europe, Middle East, and Asia regions for Veracode, will dive deeper into those numbers and discuss when development teams should consider scanning and why.

Listeners will learn more about:

  • The stage at which development teams should engage in software scanning
  • DevSecOps culture and how to enable it
  • Where DevSecOps is heading in the future

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