What's ahead for digital identity in 2020?

Events of the past year have set up big changes for digital identity in 2020. Here's recap of what happened and what to expect this year.

digital identity / authentication
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In 2019, the identity sector began to open its eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them, as the world awoke to the purpose and power of identity.

Digital identity has risen from the ashes of traditional identity and access management (IAM) to become a central tenet of cybersecurity. Identity is all in a world increasingly digital. Across every device, identity sits, like a central pin, with the potential to control not only access to resources but the data they consume.

The human in the machine is key to security as well as actual identity. Data breaches increased by 54% in the first half of 2019. Our data is our identity. To empower the human, we must empower the identity. Will the 2020s bring identity to a new age of maturity to digital identity?

Where are we now?

The current identity landscape is a messy place made up of a mix of identity providers, data attribution services, social accounts and associated logins, and app-based IDs. Here is an overview of some of the highlights of these players in the identity ecosystem.

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