7 security incidents that cost CISOs their jobs

Whether or not security executives lose their jobs in the wake of a major incident, security failure should be seen as a learning opportunity.

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CISOs can leave their job for any number of reasons, but a breach or other security incident often hastens their departure. 

According to Radware’s 2018 State of Web Application Security report, 23% of companies reported executive firings related to application attacks. US companies were more likely to say execs were let go after an incident, as were companies in the technology or financial services sectors.

While the CISO is not always let go -- Kaspersky reports that  senior non-IT employees are laid off at 27% of enterprises (those with over 1,000 employees) that suffer a breach – their positions can often be at risk if there were clear security failures. A Nominet survey of over 400 CISOs in the US and UK conducted by Osterman Research found that 6.8% of CISOs in the US and 10% in UK believed that in the event of a breach they would lose their job. Just under 30% of survey respondents believed they would get an official warning.

Here are 7 major security incidents that cost security leaders their jobs in recent years. Take them for the learning opportunity that they are. 

1. Capital One

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