Two tips to make multifactor authentication for Office 365 more effective

Here's how to set up "break glass" accounts for emergency admin access to Microsoft Office 365 and brand your Office 365 log-in page to foil fake pages.

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Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a key tool in ensuring that your Office 365 – and any online application – will be secure in the cloud. For those with Microsoft 365 here are some tips to ensure you provide maximum protection to your Office 365 deployment without sacrificing usability.

Start by setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app on those accounts that you will mandate MFA. I recommend walking through the process and preparing screen shots and exact how-tos for users. They need to start at the setup site and log in with their credentials.

Then they need to download the Authenticator app from the app store on either the Apple or Android store. You’ll then need to add a work account. Get to this location by skipping over personal account and non-Microsoft account options. You can add multiple MFA user accounts to the Authenticator application and, if necessary, add the account to another device as a backup. Once you have set up Microsoft Authenticator, you are set to turn on and enforce MFA.

Setting up break glass accounts

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