Tony Blair leak hacker youth gets six months sentence

The alleged leader of hacking crew TeamPoison has been handed a six-month term in a juvenile facility for hacking crimes that led to the leak of former British Prime Minster Tony Blair’s address book.

Junair Hussain, an 18 year-old from Birmingham who used the online handle TriCk, was sentenced last Friday for his role in two computer attacks.

TeamPoison in 2011 released Blair’s address and phone book, which contained contact details of his friends, family and colleagues. He had acquired the list after breaching the Gmail account of one of Blair's advisors, Katie Kay.

Hussain was arrested last April for his role in a flooding the MI6 run terrorism hotline and prank calling them.

The Daily Mail reported that Hussain pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy to cause a public nuisance for his role in the DoS attack and a separate offence under the UK’s Computer Misuse Act for acquiring and leaking Blair’s address book.

Hussain’s defence barrister Ben Cooper characterised Hussain’s actions as pranks done in his youth, however, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith noted that his offences continued up until he was arrested, The Register reported.

Hussain had completed his A-levels while out on bail and had been offered a place at university, which he will likely be able to enrol this October.

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