Skype to fix misdirected IM flaw

Skype is working on a fix for a bug that routes messages intended for one contact to other unintended recipients.

Skype confirmed the flaw on Monday, telling Endgadget that “we are aware that in rare circumstances IM’s between two contacts could be sent to an unintended third contact.”

The flaw does not appear to be widespread, with only a small number of users reporting the misdirected message problem on Skype’s community board since last Tuesday.

However, the bug has caused confusion for those affected because messages received by an initial sender are being forwarded to a third recipient but presented as if it was sent by the first recipient.

One user who claimed to be affected described it as “slightly awkward” while another, who pointed out private messages are being shuttled between people who have no relationship, said it was a “disturbing” breach of privacy.

“... I was the recipient of two lines of chat which were exchanged between my contact and one of his contacts. I am not connected to my friend's contact,” that user wrote.

A Skype community manager said the company was investigating the reports last Friday. Today Skype said it would deploy a fix in the next few days and will notify users to download an updated version.

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