How holiday group Tui makes security awareness a company-wide effort

Enlisting security awareness advisors from each group in the organization is a force multiplier for driving better security behaviors.

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According to IBM’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach study, 27% of incidents it recorded were due to human error. To drive more secure behaviors and thinking amongst the employees outside the security function, and ideally reduce some of those human error-related breaches, a number of organizations are increasing efforts to raise education and awareness around security within the business to embed security in the company culture.

To reduce human error, Tui – a leading holiday group which serves over 27 million customers on vacation every year – has rolled out its own security awareness program to harness the creativity and energy of its non-security employees to spread the gospel of good cyber hygiene.

Take security back to your department, and back home

At the outset of its awareness program, Tui had a set of core ideas that it wanted to use as a base for informing the rest of the business:

  • Make security instinctual.
  • Make security relatable at home.
  • Help the business understand their responsibilities and roles around securing their data.

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