How do Indian manufacturing CSOs fight ransomware?

Manufacturing companies are increasingly exposed to the risk of ransomware affecting their industrial control systems. CSOs talk about the responsibility on their shoulders to elimate such situations.

Manufacturing companies are constantly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. India happens to rank among the top five countries to fall prey to ransomware. CSOs are under pressure to protect and eradicate such threats. CSO INDIA spoke to some CSOs to find out how they are coping.

Edited Excerpts:

Joseph Kiran Kumar - CIO, Eisai Pharmaceuticals India 

Risk assessment for equipment are carried out from time to time and controls are deployed so as to ensure all the vulnerabilities are plugged. This process will continue till the residual risk is within the acceptable range. A regular backup is a basic step and factors like downtime will be a big killer. For manufacturing equipment, a prepared response to the attack works.

A.K Gidwani – CISO, Bharat Petroleum 

We are constantly upgrading our technology in terms of security products. Secondly, an emphasis is given to making people aware about such threats in the first place. It is an on-going process. Ransomware is undoubtedly an issue and user awareness is a big part of the solution. As for having isolated systems - in today’s connected-world, we can’t function in isolation.

Abishek Agarwal - CIO, Balmer Lawrie

Ransomware is at the top of our agenda and we already have some firewalls to protect against such threats. We are implementing anti-malware software and next-generation firewalls and I am looking to use anti-ransomware products, but threats do occur. I don’t think ransomware is going to exist more for than a year or two.

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