Pay-As-You-Go Infrastructure for Your Hosted Datacenter: Introducing HPE GreenLake with Colocation

Colocation lets companies place their core data center infrastructure closer to the edge, on a global scale if needed.

Cloud and nature

Alongside the tremendous growth of cloud in recent years we’ve seen a parallel and equally striking trend in on-premises infrastructure: the migration of IT assets to third-party facilities providers. Google “colocation market growth” and you’ll see a long list of reports from various analyst firms, each showing impressive annual growth rates for the sector.

It’s not hard to see why. Businesses love being able to hand over facilities-related tasks and risks to expert providers. It’s an attractive alternative to retrofitting or upgrading an on-site data center to handle newer technologies like big data and AI, with their high-density compute and substantial power and cooling requirements. Companies also want the high-performance, low-latency connectivity that these vendors supply, including connections out to the top public cloud providers.

Proximity is another attraction. With the rise of the Edge, compute is moving closer to where things are happening, whether it’s a branch office, a factory floor or an oil rig. Colocation enables companies to place their core data center infrastructure closer to the Edge, on a global scale if needed.

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