UK enterprises want more machine learning in security but lack data scientists

Amid widespread skills shortages companies are looking to automation and machine learning, but will a shortage in data scientists curtail these ambitions?

Enterprises across the UK are suffering from a dearth of cybersecurity talent. Companies are hungry for security skills in almost every area from application development and testing to networking and engineering. With the cost of failure growing ever higher, doing nothing is not an option.

A growing number of organisations see machine learning and automation as the answer, but could a lack of data science skills mean one skills shortage is being replaced with another?

To coincide with the launch of CSO UK, IDG conducted a survey of 200 IT leaders from major UK enterprises to explore the state of cybersecurity within British organisations. The survey covers key threats, main investment areas and what is driving the security agenda within the business. The full results are published in our new report, The State of Enterprise Security.

Security skills shortages reported across the UK

ISC2 reports that the EMEA region has a security staff shortage totaling more than 140,000 people. In the UK, this shortage is being felt acutely with over 60% of organizations surveyed by CSO saying they are suffering skills gaps within the security function.

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