8 hot IT security jobs and what they pay

IT security is of major concern to all organizations, and they're willing to pay to get top talent. Are you being paid what you are worth? Take a minute to check.

Research firms are projecting a shortage of between 1 and 3 million qualified cybersecurity professionals over the next few years. For cybersecurity professionals looking for a new job, then, it’s a seller’s market. “At the very highest levels, the right person can command over $400,000,” says Paul Smith, vice president of business development at PEAK Technical Staffing. “The law of supply and demand is completely in evidence. The commercial industries are stealing people out of the NSA and CIA like crazy because corporations are having such a problem with foreign espionage. The demand for people who understand these threats has skyrocketed.”

“In high demand markets, like the Bay Area, New York or LA, the salaries for these positions range from $160k to $198k,” agrees Scott Davidson, senior vice president at Modis. Even with these salaries, companies are having a hard time filling these roles. “Information Security is one of the most challenging skill sets to recruit,” says Davidson. “Demand is high and the skills are so specialized that finding them poses a major challenge for talent acquisition professionals.”

Whether you are looking for work, a raise, or a bigger challenge, the cybersecurity roles described below will help you decide where you want to go next with your career. Note: Titles for similar jobs vary from company to company, so use the descriptions to match up with the role that interests you.

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