Why you need a cybersecurity incident response specialist

If your cyber insurance provider gives you the number of an incident response specialist, call them now. It will save time when an attack occurs.

Tens of thousands of companies, organizations and cities are being savagely taken offline by ransomware. Some targeted entities handle it relatively fine and are down a day or three. Others are down for weeks, and sometimes they are hit again. The difference between a quick recovery and a chronic problem often depends on who you call for help.

I talked to one of the best in the game recently. John F. Mullen, partner with Mullen Coughlin, LLC, has been involved with thousands of cybersecurity incident responses in his career. His firm was involved in 1200 just last year.

You probably never heard of Mullen Coughlin. I didn’t before I spoke with a city CISO friend of mine. When he called the phone number his cyber insurance company gave him to pre-establish a relationship for security responses, he ended up speaking with John.

If you have a cybersecurity incident and have purchased cyber insurance, your insurance company doesn’t have the professional folks to handle your technical cybersecurity incident response, no more than the insurance company would patch the fiberglass of a boat after a hurricane claim. Insurance companies do insurance and underwriting. When a claim is made and the damage has to be fixed, they sub it out.

Why use a specialized incident response firm

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