Protecting fresh fruit from cyberattacks with automation and AI

With its entire business revolving around fresh produce, UK fruit producer Berry Gardens can’t afford for its supply chain to be disrupted by cyberattacks.

Managing complex supply chains can be challenging for even the largest organisations, let alone a small IT team. However, automation and machine learning-based security technologies are making it easier for lean teams to manage complex environments.

In Agriculture, ensuring timely processing and delivery of goods also means incidents need to be remediated as quickly as possible to prevent wastage, while at the same time firms are looking to balance the efficiencies automation and the internet of things offer with the increased risk profile. 

UK fruit producer Berry Gardens is looking to combine AI-based security with ambitious growth plans and growing trials with autonomous machines, while at the same time protecting a large, complicated, and time-sensitive supply chain.

Keeping UK fruit secure from cyber-threats

Founded over 40 years ago, Berry Gardens is the UK’s leading berry and stone fruit producer, supplying all of the country’s major retailers.

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