How JustEat finds and trains in-house security talent

Employees in other departments might have skills that play well in security and the desire to make the jump. JustEat CISO Kevin Fielder explains how he introduces those people to cybersecurity and integrates them with the team.

It’s a good time to be cybersecurity professional. The unemployment rate is essentially zero and you can almost pick and choose the roles that suit you.

Things are less rosy if you’re tasked with hiring those cyber pros. (ISC)² estimates the shortfall of talent within the field has reached 3 million globally, while ESG says that half of organizations have a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills. 

While companies increasingly look to broaden the security talent pool through STEM and apprenticeship initiatives, hackathon-style events, or diversity campaigns, a wealth of talent might already be sitting within the business. “I'm one of those people that's on the fence about whether there is a legitimate skill shortage or if it's just kind of something of our own making in terms of how we look for people,” says Kevin Fielder, CISO of food delivery startup, Just Eat. “There is, of course, a need for highly skilled technical people, but we can do a much better job at looking both internally and externally for people with skills that you might not normally think about.”

Look outside your own bubble for security skills

Fielder says there is plenty of space, especially within junior-level positions, to bring people with a different skillset into the team to learn security on the job while sharing their own talents. As an example, he says he recently had someone at an event working in brand marketing ask how they could get into security. His response: "One of my hardest jobs is selling security - taking a complex idea and boiling it down to deliver the crux of the issue. It’s about hearts and minds when it comes to security - being a great communicator - and delivering meaningful information to the right people. Say your job is doing amazing presentations and selling stuff.  If you came to me and offered to make me the best presentations I’d ever given to the board and the rest of business, I'd be biting your hand off,” says Fielder. 

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