Evaluating DNS providers: 4 key considerations

DNS attacks are increasing, Is your Domain Name System implementation up to snuff? Here's what you need to know to make sure you have the provider right for you.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is showing signs of strain. Attacks leveraging DNS protocols used to be fairly predictable and limited to the occasional DDoS floods. Now attackers use more than a dozen different ways to leverage DNS, including cache poisoning, tunneling and domain hijacking.

The latest 2019 Global DNS Threat Report from IDC shows that the vast majority of respondents have suffered a DNS-related attack in the past two years. An average of nearly ten attacks per company were reported, affecting almost half of the respondents’ websites.

DNS pioneer Paul Vixie has bemoaned the state of DNS and says that these attacks are just the tip of the iceberg. This is why you need to get more serious about protecting your DNS infrastructure and various vendors have products and services to help. You have options; here’s how to sort them out.

Leverage your ISP provider’s DNS

The first step is to use the DNS your ISP provides. For many of us that is the beginning and end of any DNS discussion. While this is the path of least resistance, you don’t get much in the way of protection, filtering or threat monitoring services.

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