8 steps to make sure Microsoft Windows 10 1903 is ready for deployment

Follow these steps to identify problems that might crop up when you update to the Windows 10 1903 release.

The May 2019 release of Microsoft Windows 10 1903 is now available to all who click on “check for updates” as long as there is no blocking issue with the machine. Microsoft is no longer using the term "semi annual targeted" in respect to Windows releases. Nor will it use "current branch" or "current branch for business," the terms that Microsoft used for previous releases.

These had been indicators that the releases were vendor tested, approved and ready for widespread deployment. Without these indicators, how can you determine if your firm is ready for deployment of security and other Windows updates? Here are some tips

1. Follow known issues online

You can follow the known issue page for 1903 to review what issues Microsoft is tracking and when they will be resolved. One new way to track issues is to follow the Windows Update twitter account. As they post late-breaking known issues, you’ll be alerted to investigations and resolutions that Microsoft has identified.

2. Review your security software for 1903 support

You should also review what security software you use in your environment and if it supports 1903. Several vendors have already had issues with 1903 and some even recommend holding off until the issues are fixed. Next look to any tools you use to deploy or manage your operating systems and determine if they support 1903.

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