28 DevSecOps tools for baking security into the development process

Catch and remediate application vulnerabilities earlier and help integrate security in the the development process with these five categories of DevSecOps tools.

DevSecOps is the process of integrating security into the entire application development process — when there’s an ideal opportunity to fortify your app from the inside out against potential threats. DevSecOps is gaining traction because many organizations are developing applications frequently to satisfy customer or business partner demands, notes Michael Isbitski, senior director analyst, security technology and infrastructure at Gartner.

“Agile development methodologies and DevOps practices help them achieve this,” Isbitski explains. “Cloud-native application architecture has also become a significant contributor to the DevSecOps movement, which promotes use of public cloud providers, container technology and container platforms to provide the compute for applications.” DevSecOps integrates and automates security processes and tooling into all the DevOps workflow, he adds, “so that it’s seamless and continuous, rather than the traditional approaches that were point-in-time and potentially disruptive.”

Given the continual rise and perniciousness of cybersecurity threats, it’s no wonder that the global DevSecOps market is expected to grow from $1.47 billion in 2018 to $13.63 billion by 2026, according to Data Bridge Market Research.

Making up that market is a wide variety of DevSecOps tools. Below is a roundup of tools in the core categories.

Alerts: Notifying developers of anomalies 

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