4 tips for getting the most from threat intelligence

It’s easy to gather data on potential threats, but you have to know what to do with that intelligence if you want to improve your security stance.

There’s no doubt that threat intelligence is critical for any company trying to build a winning security strategy, but threat intelligence alone won't provide much value. In addition to knowing about potential vulnerabilities or new emerging threats, you also need the expertise to manage the flow of information, and the means to act upon it.

If you really want to improve your security posture and make threat intelligence work for you, then there are several factors you must consider.

Here are 4 tips for making sure that the data you collect can be used to protect your company. 

1. Know your risk tolerance and set your priorities

Vendors will happily sell you all manner of software tools that gather useful threat intelligence. But before you shop for tools, it’s crucial to take the time to consider what kind of risk tolerance you have.

It’s simply not possible to prevent every potential threat, so when you think about information security, you need to work out precisely what data is most important to you. With limited resources and overloaded staff, proper prioritization is the only way to make workflows manageable and ensure that the real lifeblood of your company is safeguarded.

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