Shared SIEM helps 3 UK local governments avoid outsourcing security

A single SIEM serves three UK councils, allowing for solution consolidation that saves costs while improving efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Local governments can find cybersecurity challenging. Without the scale and resources of central government, they can often be left vulnerable to attackers. In recent years towns and cities across the U.S. and Europe have been hit by attacks such as ransomware that have brought services down.

While it can provide a level of scale and technical sophistication harder to achieve alone, outsourcing can be costly and introduce a new risk vector into your organization, as recently seen with the attack on Wipro and other providers that lead to some customers being targeted for gift card scams.

Via a partnership, three UK councils recently standardized on one security information and event management (SIEM) tool to lower costs, improve efficiency and compliance efforts, and foster collaboration among the three authorities.

Orbis swaps outsourcing for combined resources

Orbis is a partnership of three local councils in the southeast of England: Surrey County, East Sussex County and Brighton and Hove City Councils. Originally started as a procurement sharing arrangement between East Sussex and Surrey County Councils in 2012, today Orbis provides backend services including IT, finance, procurement and human resources to local schools, healthcare providers, town councils, blue light services and non-profits across the areas it serves and is the largest local government shared service partnership of its kind in the UK. The goal is to share resources and deliver efficiencies at scale around people and technology without the need to rely on outsourcing and therefore keep the spending of public money to a minimum.

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