How New York City plans to become a cybersecurity hub

The Big Apple needs cybersecurity pros. Here's how the city is working to attract the best and brightest.

Start spreading the news, folks. New York City wants to be king of the hill, top of the heap, "A" number-one in cybersecurity.

The city that never sleeps needs cybersecurity pros to defend against the attacks that never sleep. Wall Street banks and hedge funds are working closely with the city to attract experienced security pros, to train the next generation of security leaders, and to grow the talent pool.

The city is confident they've hit on a winning strategy--and it may have more to do with Brooklyn than government-funded initiatives.

A cybersecurity mandate from the top

Cybersecurity does not become a priority until senior leadership steps into the game, and in New York City that happened formally on July 11, 2017, when Mayor Bill de Blasio signed Executive Order No. 28 of his administration, a document many an under-resourced and under-appreciated security professional will salivate over. The executive order created the New York City Cyber Command, and gave the agency sweeping authority to parachute into the many city IT departments scattered across the city and "mandate deployment of technical and administrative controls."

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