Power LogOn offers 2FA and networked password management for the enterprise

This authentication tool is simple to set up and use, but the biggest selling point might be workable password management across the enterprise.

Like most humans, I’m more vocal about the things I don’t like and less likely to crow about the things I do like.  Since I wrote my popular 11 ways to hack 2FA article, I’ve been besieged by vendors eager to show me how their authentication solution defeats all the hacking issues I wrote about.

They are all wrong. There is no such thing as unhackable anything. Saying something is unhackable is like saying you can stop all crime. It just isn’t possible. Most of the time I can quickly show them how four or five of the methods I wrote about would work against their particular solution.

Beyond the potential security issues, most of the solutions are either not nearly as good as the creators think or they are or are too cumbersome to use for a lot of organizations. I’ve grown accustomed to being underwhelmed. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when a vendor showed me something relatively simple that I liked. The founder didn’t make false anti-hacking promises, seems to really know his stuff, and has a working product used by many customers, including a few Fortune 100 companies. The kicker? It’s easy to install, setup and use.

Power LogOn combines 2FA with network-based password manager

The product is called Power LogOn by Access Smart, and its founder and CEO is Dovell Bonnett. Bonnet has decades of authentication experience particularly around smartcards. He likes to brag that he was part of the team that helped Microsoft deploy a user smartcard that doubled as a building access card. I know those since I was a Microsoft “blue badge” for 12 years.

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