How cyber competitions can help fill the cybersecurity talent shortage

The Cyber Security Challenge Masterclass event helps employers find skilled but non-traditional job candidates.

A cyber intelligence firm offers a new service in the form of secure storage for cryptographic keys. It partners with a cryptocurrency firm to offer key hosting, but one of the crypto firm’s applications is painfully insecure, and as a result the cyber intelligence company suffers its second major security incident a year.

While the attack is partly attributed to a hacktivist group, as the truth unfolds it becomes clear the insider threat from the first event – who is now behind bars – is still involved, as are the security company’s new CTO and CIO. None of the investigators of the incident – tasked with finding out who was responsible, how they got in, and plugging the holes — were actually cybersecurity professionals.

In reality, this isn’t an actual hack. It’s the Masterclass competition from Cyber Security Challenge UK, held annually in November. This event is designed to get more people into cybersecurity and offer a way for new talent to meet potential employers and for employers to find talent.

How cyber challenges can help fill the talent shortage

It’s no secret the cybersecurity industry is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. (ISC)² estimates the shortage of workers has now reached 3 million globally, while ESG reports that half of organizations have a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills.

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