10 top security enhancements in Windows Server 2019

This new version of Windows Server offers several significant security upgrades over Server 2016, including tools to track ransomware and other malware, and to track lateral movement attacks.

Windows security and protection [Windows logo/locks]
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Windows Server 2019 joins Windows 10 1809 in adding several key Windows security enhancements that the Server administrator will find that they cannot live without. Windows Server 2019 with desktop experience is the next Long-Term Servicing Branch (LTSB) release of the Windows server line. For those with on-premises needs, and those not comfortable with roles on GUI-less servers, it will be the Server version you choose to be the foundation of Remote Desktop Servers and Exchange 2019 among other roles and duties you choose for it.

While those of you familiar with Windows Server 2016 will find much familiarity with Server 2019, several security enhancements make Server 2019 a preferred choice. Below are the most significant of enhancements to security features or administrative features that will ease security-related tasks.

In-place upgrades

Unlike the Windows 10 platform, you need a license to upgrade to Server 2019 from Server 2016. In-place upgrades are fully supported to migrate from Server 2016 to Server 2019 with the exception of the Essentials role, which is no longer included in Server 2019.

Patching cadence

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