Security and new technology: How one company faced the unknown

A move to a pure cloud strategy at the London Stock Exchange Group forced a new security mindset. Here's how the LSEG's CISO faced the challenge.

New technologies promise to make companies more competitive and efficient, or to better enable new strategies. There is no shortage of them: distributed ledgers (blockchain), cloud-based infrastructure and services, and artificial intelligence-enabled automation to name a few. That new tech is great for business managers looking for an edge or a solution to a problem.

Things look a bit different through the CISO's eyes.  

The CISOs’ role is to support the business, but they can’t help but see new and unknown threats with the introduction of every new technology. It’s their job to mitigate risk — even if that risk is not yet widely understood.

As CISO for the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), Adrian Asher understands this challenge well. “I’m here for security of business, not the business of security,” he says. That means taking security measures that support the business and align with the risk and value of assets being protected. For Asher, those assets are far-flung in major cities in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

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