Salted Hash Ep 25: A quick tour of the Dark Web

This week we chat about the Dark Web with Alon Arvatz, co-founder at IntSights

The Dark Web has an interesting persona, and much of it is fueled by hype. This week on Salted Hash we speak to Alon Arvatz, co-founder at IntSights, who gives us a basic overview of some of the things people do in this somewhat hidden environment.

While walking around RSA, the concept of the Dark Web was mentioned a few times, but no one really understands it.

It isn't confusion, not exactly, but people think the Dark Web is a shady looking person with a hood over their head banging away on the keyboard.

In one example, we sort of found a person that could fit this description, as they were offering an out-sourced hacking service called "hacker for hire" complete with stock images and basic bullet points.

Want to hack a webserver? That's $220. Hack a personal computer? $180. Spyware creation? $280. This guy can do anything – so he claims.

Another website focused on carding, which was pretty much what one would expect when hunting for carder hangouts. But places like this are where IntSights starts their research and verification. Depending on how things go, they can use the information they find to assist their clients.


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