Salted Hash Ep 24: Defending against mobile threats

We're back from hiatus! In this week's post, Salted Hash heads to the RSA Conference in San Francisco

Welcome back! After shooting several episodes during the RSA Conference in San Francisco, this week Salted Hash talks mobile threats with VASCO's Will LaSala. In addition to this week's episode, we've also got some additional footage from the conference.

Mobile threats are something you hear about from time to time, but when you're at a show like the RSA Conference (one of the largest vendor-driven shows in the U.S.), do you really think about mobile security? No one will blame you if you assumed the affirmative, but the reality is, most people don't.

Keeping the problems with the RSA Conference mobile application out of the limelight for now, mobile threats include lost or stolen devices, as well as poorly defended devices. At one point while walking the North Hall, there were mobile phones and tablets left laying around all over the place. While some them might have had passcodes, or other protections, most likely didn't – but does it matter? If someone has physical access to your device, it isn't yours anymore.

This week Salted Hash visited Will LaSala, the director of Security Solutions and security evangelist at VASCO Data Security, to talk about the various mobile threats travelers have to contend with on a regular basis.

Once you've heard Will's take on the topic, watch the videos below for more from the show.

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