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Security Smart, Fall 2017: Password myths debunked!

Safeguarding security and privacy — at work and at home.

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From the editors of Security Smart is a quarterly newsletter ready for distribution to your employees—saving you precious time on employee education! The compelling content combines timely personal and organization safety tips, making it relevant to many facets of employees' lives.

Security Smart has an easy to-read design and clear, engaging and entertaining articles so you are assured that your intended audience of employees—your organization's most valuable assets—will read and retain the information.

Highlights from the Fall 2017 issue:

4 Common Password Myths Debunked
Much of the standard password advice really needs some additional context to be helpful. Here are some ubiquitous password myths, clarified.

IRS Scams: What You Need to Know Now
IRS scams are so widespread that they’ve affected how the agency works, delaying legitimate refunds to many taxpayers.

7 Signs an Email Is Bad News
Back away from an incoming email if you spot any of these issues. 

Should You Buy a Kid-Tracking Smartwatch?
Researchers discover security flaws in smartwatches designed for children.

6 Tips for Road Warriors
Take these steps to keep your devices—and the data they contain—safe.

Time to Discard Your Old Device? Wipe It First!
40% of secondhand smartphones, tablets and hard drives were found to contain the previous owner’s personal information, from credit card numbers to company data.

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