4 must-know facts about secure mobile printing

Mobile printing is making major strides right now. Is your company's mobile print security up to speed?

When you think about mobile devices and security, printing probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Being able to put bits and bytes on paper remains a realistic priority for many office workers, though — yes, even now, in 2018 — and smartphones are increasingly the vessels being used to transmit that data.

Between the phones and the printers themselves, there's plenty of room for security error. Fear not: With the proper precautions, you can make mobile printing safe, simple, and effective for your organization's employees. All it takes is a bit of big-picture planning.

First things first: Wrap your head around the multilayered meatball that is mobile printing and give yourself the foundational knowledge you need to properly tackle this security challenge. Here are four key facts to get you started:

1. Mobile printing is absolutely relevant for a modern business

Printing, schminting, you may be thinking. Who still needs paper in our digital age? Turns out, a lot of people — including, most likely, workers in your very own office. "People have been saying for 20 years that paper is going to go away, but realistically, we're far from that happening," says Allison Correia, a senior research analyst with IDC.

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