Three unique security solutions to take note of

A recent analyst and journalist event in Silicon Valley included a range of innovative solutions in the security space—here are three that might be worth taking a look at

As everything moves unequivocally online, security flaws also reveal themselves left, right and centre. While high profile security breaches—like Equifax—only place further pressure on organisations. A recent analyst and journalist summit in in Silicon Valley I attended included a number of innovative solutions in the space, below are three which seemed to offer something unique.

Stop an Active Directory takeover

What it is? Javelin Networks stops intruders from gaining deeper access to the corporate network by making it nearly impossible to gain IT administrator privileges via Active Directory.

Why it is interesting? “People are waking up to the fact—not that intruders have gained access—but that they have remained undetected,” explained Greg Fitzgerald, COO at Javelin Networks. Once a breach has occurred and something is inside a corporate machine, it is very easy (via standard Active Directory commands used by approximately 95% of Fortune 500 organisations) to gain access to the wider network.

This solution basically spoofs a version of Active Directory command lines to make it hard for an attacker to detect the real version. This makes it nearly impossible for the attacker to move within the organisation and limits the time it takes for the organisation to detect the malicious insider.

What else should you know? This was started in 2015 by Israeli hackers from Unit 8200—trained in how to use Active Directory to spy. Following all the problems Chinese Huawei has had in the US and the recent issues with Russian Kaspersky, a company like this could generate serious trust issues.

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