3 top cyber experts speaking out

Interviews with three prominent SMEs in the world of cybersecurity: Rich Baich, Bill Crowell and Anthony J. Ferrante.

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For example, Dragonfly, a group believed to be nation-state-run, successfully infiltrated networks that control elements of the U.S. power infrastructure. This kind of attack could cause significant devastation. And politically-motivated actors are gaining momentum are targeting private industries, making it imperative for vulnerable businesses to bolster their defenses not only to avoid victimization but to ensure they aren’t made pawns in sociopolitical warfare.

Lastly, as demonstrated in the past year, emerging privacy concerns will continue to drive new requirements in 2018. New laws designed to enhance cybersecurity are being implemented across the globe. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and China’s Cybersecurity Law are just two examples. According to the GDPR, companies must adhere to established cybersecurity practices and report a breach within 72 hours of its discovery. Any organization that houses sensitive data needs to prepare for similar, increasingly strict cyber legislation in the coming months.

Jeremy King: Thanks gentlemen for being willing to make these public predictions. I would add that another senior cyber expert said that the next 10 years will bring more change, innovation, opportunity and disruption than the last 100 years combined and everybody better buckle-up. Seems we are in for quite a ride.

I welcome your comments, opinions and own predictions. Please feel free to agree/disagree and use these to advance the dialogue of what’s to come.

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