Salted Hash Ep 12: Zero trust networks and other things that caught our attention in 2017

This week, Steve is joined by Akamai's Dave Lewis, Andy Ellis and Charlie Gero to talk about security wins, and items of note that stood out in 2017

This week's episode of Salted Hash is the last one for 2017, so we're closing out the year by talking about security wins, and the incidents that held the attention of our panel, which includes Akamai's Dave Lewis (Global Security Advocate), Andy Ellis (CSO), and Charlie Gero (CTO).

You might not know it, but Akamai is a growing security company, with the security practice nearing $500 million last quarter. But security has always been in the company's blood. Clearly a CDN has to deal with a range of threats including DDoS attacks, but they also have to deal with performance issues, bots, and more.

One of the first topics we discussed centers on the security wins in 2017. Charlie Gero started the conversation off by mentioning the transition to Zero Trust networks, and software define perimeters. Andy Ellis noted the shift in password management and usage as a win, but there is still plenty of room to grow.

For me, one of the wins that stood out in 2017 was the adoption growth in the password management space. Consumers are starting to use password managers more, and the technology advancements in biometrics has also added a layer of protection / authentication that further secures critical data being stored.

The conversation moved forward to stories, events or incidents in 2017 that got our attention. Dave Lewis noted the mobile security front, including application security and two-factor authentication. Eventually, the conversation moved to generational gaps in security.

Looking back, 2017 was a tough year for security. There were several breaches in the hospitality industry (Sabre Hospitality, IHG, Hyatt), as well as incidents at the IRS, Verifone, Yahoo, Equifax, various universities, and more.

While it would cause a serious slowdown in news coverage here at Salted Hash, we're actually hoping to see a quiet 2018.

As mentioned, this will be the last show of the year. However, we've got more coming and if you'd like to take part, feel free to email topic suggestions.

Thanks for watching! We'll see you next year.

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