Hackers create memorial for a cockroach named Trevor

Participants at DerbyCon 7.0 rapidly created a memorial for a roach found in a milkshake

DerbyCon Trevor Memorial
Steve Ragan

Hackers are an interesting bunch, and sometimes the causes they champion will seem a bit strange to outsiders. But for the crowd at DerbyCon on Sunday evening, watching hackers hold a memorial for a roach named Trevor doesn't feel strange at all.

On Sunday evening, hours after the closing ceremonies of DerbyCon, participants gathered across the street from the conference hotel at the local Smashburger in downtown Louisville, KY.

But the hackers didn’t gather for food, they were there to mourn a cockroach named Trevor.

Twenty-four hours earlier, on Saturday, a DerbyCon participant known to most as Grifter went to grab a bite to eat at Smashburger. Sometime later, Grifter posted a warning to Twitter for other DerbyCon participants that he had discovered a cockroach in his milkshake, which he named Trevor.

A day later, DerbyCon co-founder and conference organizer Dave Kennedy said that the Smashburger was closed due to the incident, as they were fumigating the restaurant.

So while Smashburger addressed the issue, that didn’t stop the hackers who were still in town on Sunday from having a bit of fun with the situation.

It started with a simple memorial that grew as the day progressed. The memorial contained food, liquor, tokens of various sorts, and notes of remembrance.

Eventually, Trevor would have a detailed backstory and be inducted as a Saint in the Church of WiFi. Later, Trevor made an appearance on Twitter. Once his story and tragic end reached the wider internet, things started to rapidly accelerate under the #TrevorForget hashtag, including a memorial video in Trevor's honor

People at DerbyCon, as well as those online watching things unfold, started creating art and other limericks dedicated to Trevor, some of which are embedded below.

Later in the evening, a few local police officers – responding to an unrelated call nearby – checked out the memorial and found it humorous. Those who were still near the memorial were commenting that while it was good to see an ambulance, it was too late for Trevor.

Salted Hash reached out to Smashburger for comment. We’ll update this story if they respond.

The issue that led to the Trevor meme itself has been addressed according to the Smashburger Twitter account, seemingly referring to the reports of fumigation earlier in the day on Sunday.

As seen in various images, the store earned an ‘A’ on their sanitation rating from the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness.

The images below are just some of the visuals form Trevor's memorial. There is also a Twitter collection containing some of the moments from earlier in the evening.

DerbyCon Trevor Memorial 3

DerbyCon Trevor Memorial 1

DerbyCon Trevor Memorial 2


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