Reliable Connectivity Is Not Optional

The reliability and performance of your online assets can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Minimizing and/or eliminating downtime or service disruptions to your website and online assets is an absolute priority in the 24x365 connected world. And the keys to ensuring your reliable connectivity on an ongoing basis are a reliable Domain Name Servers (DNS) service and WPM (Website Performance Management) monitoring service, according to Neustar, a provider of network management and security solutions with over 19 years of experience in the DNS space.

The reliability and performance of your online assets can mean the difference between success and failure: more than half of companies (54%) report that in the past 5 years they have experienced a downtime event that lasted more than eight hours. However reliability without acceptable performance can be equally costly: after two seconds of delay, 20% of all mobile websites report that users start leaving the site, and after three seconds of delay, 40% of all websites (both mobile and desktop) see users giving up and abandoning the site.

"DNS has been called the most important part of the internet that people don't know about," said Rodney Joffe, SVP and fellow at Neustar, but provisioned correctly, by a reputable specialist DNS service provider, “it can defend the frontline in the fight against cyber-attacks, maximize the use of back end resources, ensure governance and be a rich source of intelligence data.” 

DNS, essentially the phone book for Internet protocol (IP) addresses that maps the name used to locate a website to a corresponding IP address, is mission-critical to all organizations that connect to the Internet, according to Gartner. “DNS failure or poor performance leads to applications, data and content becoming unavailable, causing user frustration, lost sales and business reputation damage.” 

DNS service offerings like Neustar’s provide a range of benefits, including: a 100% uptime guarantee; built-in security features such as DDoS protection, DNSSEC management, and Nameserver segmentation; advanced traffic management services to fully optimize your DNS’ performance; changes managed quickly and efficiently via a web-based portal; and detailed reports to fully understand the performance of your DNS ecosystem. However, not only should DNS be outsourced to optimize security and availability, it should be complemented with a secondary DNS service to ensure your online assets are resilient and always available. In addition to providing redundancy, a secondary DNS can also improve performance, splitting DNS traffic between two trusted networks, and eliminating the need for manual updates.

While a robust and reliable DNS service is essential, managing and optimizing your website performance is equally critical, said Joe Loveless, Director of Security Services for Neustar. Neustar’s Website Performance Management offering monitors, alerts and addresses online problems like unavailable websites, slow-loading pages, service-level agreement (SLA) violations, and failing applications. 

Additionally, WPM’s capabilities, such as website load testing, let you test traffic capacity and discover bottlenecks on new sites and applications before your customers do. Neustar’s Real User Measurements (RUM) complements its synthetic (external) monitoring capabilities -- that track website performance -- to see and report on the user experience, to ensure the optimal customer experience.

Combined, a professional and redundant DNS service offering and a website performance management capability increases the resiliency, reliability and performance of your website and online assets. They reduce the dangers of service disruptions while ensuring your customers can connect to your business anytime, anywhere.


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