Cyber Defense: What’s Next?

3 crucial ingredients for success

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Increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks are draining an estimated $450 billion annually from the global economy—a number that could reach $2 trillion by 2019. Even more chilling, highly sophisticated attackers can hide their tracks for weeks, months and even years before they’re discovered. Organizations need to match this level of sophistication in their defensive tactics and in their ability to bounce back quickly, should a breach occur.

To be successful, three crucial ingredients are needed: visibility across their entire organization, a layered approach to defense, and solutions that are purpose-built from the inside out to provide protection for their industry’s specific needs. What’s needed is an increased ability to see the environment from end-to-end, capturing security events and detecting anomalies as they occur, and quickly generate meaningful insights to respond in near real-time, strategically and tactically.

An Accenture-Splunk Cyber Defense Solution

A comprehensive and proactive defense solution employs tools such as machine learning, analytics and automation to provide the advanced search, correlation, threat detection and incident management capabilities needed to more effectively thwart cyber-attacks. To power these tools and processes, Accenture and Splunk collect, analyze and act upon all data that is available to them from structured and unstructured as well as private and public sources including logs, clickstreams, sensors, web servers, custom applications, hypervisors, containers, operational technology, social media and cloud services. 

The results are rapid 

Accenture and Splunk’s cyber defense solution helps organizations respond to and remediate sophisticated cyber threats at speed and at scale. This data-driven security solution employs an array of advanced technologies, including proprietary Accenture capabilities. It’s a platform that provides a comprehensive approach, including behavioral analytics that enable security teams to quickly detect and respond to threats based on a broader security context than is possible with legacy security products.

Flexible and effective

Companies need to consider how to most effectively deploy their security solutions and resources. Accenture and Splunk provide guidance to help clients understand the best approach based on their unique requirements—on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid cloud environment with additional options for the solutions to be operated in-house, or managed by Accenture as an integrated service.

With continuing innovations from Accenture and Splunk, companies can:

  • Reduce the number of point products, which in turn reduces complexity and cost
  • Increase resilience
  • Mitigate risk
  • Prepare for the threats affecting their specific industry, present and future
  • Build end-to-end security to protect their entire value chain
  • Enhance compliance
  • Keep pace with even the most sophisticated attackers

Accenture and Splunk Security Services help build cybersecurity from the inside out, managing strategy and risk, cyber defense, digital identity, application security and managed security. Visit Accenture.com or Splunk.com for more information.


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