DNS Expertise & Experience Matter

In a 24x7x365 connected world, ensuring your website and other online assets are always available is critical.

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Most IT professionals focus on the technologies driving the digital economy -- cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics (BDA), mobility, social media, and security -- but they all depend upon the internet, which means if your Domain Name System (DNS) fails, so does your digital business. DNS has become mission-critical to all organizations that connect to the Internet, according to Gartner, so it just makes sense that you should be dealing with experts to ensure your website and other online assets are always available. 

Essentially the phone book for Internet protocol (IP) addresses that maps the name used to locate an online asset to a corresponding IP address, DNS is typically outsourced to optimize security and availability. The Managed DNS Services Market is expected to grow to $2 billion by 2027, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 11.8%.

Increasingly, smart organizations are implementing a dual-source strategy so that an attack will not cause significant disruptions to your internet connections. A secondary DNS service also improves performance, balancing the load on the network by splitting DNS traffic between two trusted networks,  which allows updates to  be performed automatically from the primary service to the secondary, eliminating the need for manual updates. 

In addition to being “cost-effective, and offering greater resilience, reliability and performance, while evolving to keep pace with the needs of cloud and digital business applications,” outsourcing to a managed DNS service provider ensures access to significant technical and personnel resources, and are ‘far more capable, secure, resilient, and lower cost’ than implementing DNS on your own according to Gartner analyst Bob Gill.

There are a multitude of reasons for outsourcing DNS, but one of the biggest is keeping your online business up and running. Recent research by Managed DNS service provider Neustar, a leading provider of network security solutions with over 19 years of experience in the DNS security space, discovered that more than half of companies have experienced a downtime event that lasted more than 8 hours in the past 5 years; 75% of US- and UK-based organizations have experienced a DNS attack; and 50% of these uncovered some sort of DNS-based attack in the previous 12 months. 

Having the DNS experience and expertise in-house is nearly impossible, let alone having the dedicated resources to correctly manage and implement a sound strategy to meet today’s Internet demands, according to Neustar. Outsourcing your DNS offers a number of benefits, including: a 100% uptime guarantee and industry leading SLAs; built-in security features such as DDoS protection, DNSSEC management, and Nameserver segmentation; advanced traffic management services to fully optimize your DNS’ performance; changes managed quickly and efficiently via a web-based portal; and detailed reporting to fully understand the performance of your DNS ecosystem. 

In a 24x7x365 connected world, ensuring your website and other online assets are always available is critical: downtime or service slowdowns can result in lost revenues and damaged reputation. That’s why a managed DNS service -- preferably two for redundancy, resiliency and reliability, as well as optimal performance -- backed by both expertise and experience, just makes sense.


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