What security leaders need to know about cyber liability insurance before a breach

Shawn Tuma talks about how security leaders can get the most out of their cyber liability coverage in the event of a breach

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I love asking “what happens when breach happens”?

I use it as a way to help bring security and business leaders together. That question now extends to your insurance coverage. What did you actually buy? And how do you use it?

As we continue the Leading Security Change on Cyber Insurance series, Shawn Tuma shares a wealth of information about the realities of handling the fallout from a cyber breach.

Shawn Tuma (LinkedIn, @shawnetuma, blog) is a Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Attorney with Scheef & Stone, LLP. Tuma has practiced in cyber law for nearly two decades. In addition to numerous awards, Shawn serves as General Counsel and Board Member for the Cyber Future Foundation, on the Advisory Board of the University of North Texas Cyber Forensics Lab, Policy Council for the National Technology Security Coalition, Cybersecurity Task Force for Intelligent Transportation Society of America, and an officer on the Council for the Computer & Technology Section of the State Bar of Texas.

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