The need for a security leader revealed through cyber insurance

A risk manager explains how learning about cyber insurance drove the creation of the CISO position and key changes across the business

Companies that worry about cyber security tend to have security leaders. What about companies that don’t know or aren’t sure?

Turns out in one case, the process of exploring their insurance coverage prompted a lot of learning – and the creation of an entire cyber security team, CISO, and a new set of processes.

Part of the Leading Security Change on Cyber Insurance series, this perspective is from a real risk manager. Based on the nature of their business, they asked to cloak their identity and industry. Their experience, however, is remarkable. Their job is to manage risk across the organization – everything from safety through catastrophic events. This means spending a lot of time working with commercial insurance to match the unique needs of the organization with solutions available to help them manage risks that might be hard to otherwise control.

As you’ll read in this interview, an exclusion in a policy after a business change caused this risk manager to dig deeper. And in the process, created a new market outside the company while driving successful change inside the company.

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