What security leaders are surprised to learn about cyber insurance

Jason Christopher reveals some surprising insights on what cyber insurance offers for security leaders and how to take advantage of these benefits

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Cyber insurance is fascinating. And it’s full of surprises, too.

The interviews and research pulling together the Leading Security Change on Cyber Insurance series both changed my perspective and excited me. I learned that misconceptions abound. Partly due to the focus on “cyber liability insurance” and a misunderstanding of how the insurance industry works.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share insights informed by experience from six different people, including risk managers, practitioners, and insurance carriers.

We kick off the series with Jason Christopher (LinkedIn, @jdchristopher), the CTO of Axio. Jason has over a decade of experience as a critical infrastructure operator, federal regulator, national incident response coordinator, and researcher. In that time, he’s led multi-million dollar security projects across both federal and private sector to improve cybersecurity programs for critical infrastructure companies.

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