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Trusted IT security gear protects data, authenticates users and monitors systems for suspicious events.

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Philip Grabowski, Ziv Maor and Yagnesh Patel

New York’s Montgomery County, located at the foot of the Adirondacks, consists of 10 towns, one city and 50,000 residents. To protect the data that pertains to its citizens and operations, Montgomery County added DatAdvantage from Varonis to its arsenal of security wares. The data security platform is designed to show organizations where sensitive data exists, who is accessing it, and how to keep it safe.

“This system captures activity from Active Directory and Windows system logs, tracking everything from user sign-on to file manipulation. It then presents this information in an easy-to-use dashboard with advanced reporting options,” says Gregory Oliver, senior network systems administrator for Montgomery County.

DatAdvantage “has helped us recover a massive amount of data that a user inadvertently moved; helped us track down a rogue device that was signing in on behalf of a user; and helped us uncover a situation where a user was unknowingly saving potentially confidential data to a non-secure area,” Oliver says. “While most of this information could have been found with a few weeks of manual inspection, running a five-minute scan and report process to get the same result has already saved us thousands of dollars in payroll.”

Oliver shared Montgomery County’s experience with DatAdvantage as part of Network World’s annual Fave Raves project, which asks IT pros to talk about their favorite enterprise tech products. This year, a number of IT pros chose enterprise security products as their favorites. (Related: 31 tech pros share favorite IT products).

Vectra’s cybersecurity platform won over Daniel Basile, executive director of the security operations center at Texas A&M University System.

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