Danielle Jackson joins SecureAuth as chief information security officer

danielle jackson

Last month, SecureAuth Corporation announced that it has hired Danielle Jackson as chief information security officer (CISO). Previously, Jackson was director of information security for Bloomberg BNA and Mandiant. She brings more than 15 years of leadership experience in network, system, data, cloud and security design to her new role at SecureAuth, which provides adaptive access control solutions to protect against compromised authentication credentials.

Jackson has worked in advisory and senior leadership roles within public, private and global companies across multiple industries. In addition to Bloomberg BNA and Mandiant, Jackson worked at Accenture in data privacy compliance. She has worked in security from the organizational, compliance and technology perspectives.  

"With 63 percent of attackers getting into organizations using stolen credentials, I believe that vendors need to provide a better approach that encourages adoption. Adoption gets easier when we require less of users, not more,” Jackson said in a press release announcing her appointment.

Jackson’s expertise in developing and implementing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) frameworks meets today’s sophisticated information security challenges. However she sees beyond GRC to recognize that each organization has unique security needs. Jackson’s depth of experience allows her to advise businesses, for instance, on whether an off-the shelf solution is their best answer in the face of the full-threat landscape.

“When you’ve sat in the seat of our customers, like Danielle has, you know the everyday realities of organizations’ security challenges and needs,” SecureAuth CEO Jeff Kukowski said in a statement. “She knows on a very real level, for example, that two-factor authentication is not enough. Danielle is the ideal person to provide ideas, answers, thoughts and solutions for customers to reduce their risk. Her diverse experience and leadership will add depth and new insight to our team.”

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