Realistic ways to lock down IoT

How CSOs can best secure and understand IoT devices that enter their organization's network infrastructure

A lot of recent headlines around the Internet of Things space has revealed how little security are attached to these devices. With more and more devices gaining access to the Internet, this problem is one that CSOs and CISOs will be dealing with for years.

In the latest episode of our Security Sessions video interviews, I spoke with Sanjay Raja, the CMO at Lumeta, a performance and network monitoring company. We discussed ways that CSOs and CISOs can get a better handle at making sure that IoT devices that enter a company’s network infrastructure are secured.

Among the highlights of the video are the following sections:

0:40 Do most CSOs know everything that’s on their network?

1:43 What do security managers need to know when there are reports about IoT devices having very bad vulnerabilities?

3:31 How to strike the balance between users wanting new devices on the network with security’s need to have data protection, plus the difference between the BYOD movement and IoT. Is a return to segmentation the answer?

6:03 Is there a raised awareness of these issues or do we have a long way to go for end users to understand these risks?

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