Follow the money! Where VC security investment is occurring

It’s an old axiom in journalism that when you want to understand what’s really going on, to “follow the money.” This is true in the startup technology industry as well - when you discover where the venture funding is going, you end up discovering trends on what companies and technologies will make in impact for the next decade.

In the latest episode of our Security Sessions video interviews, I spoke with Jeff Fagnan, the founder of Accomplice, a venture capital and private equity firm in Cambridge, Mass. We discussed where VC money was going in the enterprise security space, as well as areas where money is not going - in other words, where there’s an over-abundance of funding.

Among the highlights of the video are the following sections:

1:35 What makes security interesting to venture capitalists?

2:20 What are the downsides of having an explosion of new security companies?

3:24 Early stage technologies that VCs are interested in.

4:36 Advice for CISOs and CSOs on how to cut through the noise in selecting companies to invest in.

5:44 What areas of security are overcrowded or not being funded?

6:58 How are security startups different from other tech startup companies?

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