The 10 essential Reddits for security pros

1 reddit intro

Going viral

Reddit isn’t just about viral news stories and viral memes or heated thread debates, although there is always plenty of that on the sharing and social media site. For security professionals, as well as those interested in pursuing the field of cybersecurity, there is a wealth of advice, content, and conversation from deep and dirty forensics work to the latest on cyberlaw and everything in-between — if you know where to look.

Here, we’ve gathered 10 of the best cybersecurity Reddits so you don’t have to waste any time and can get straight to what you are looking for.


02 antiforensics

Defeating forensics with antiforensics

If you already are, or want to become, a ninja at digital forensics, this subreddit is for you. The topics here all focus on defeating digital forensics tools and techniques. Here you’ll find threads on encryption, hiding and obfuscating data, wiping data stored into oblivion, hiding attack trails, and setting forensic booby traps.



03 cryptography


If you want to come to understand the science, math, and programming behind strong encryption, this subreddit is where you go. It covers both practical applications and the theory behind cryptography. Because encryption intersects security, law enforcement, and privacy — it is always a hot topic.



04 cyberlaws gavel


Just like cryptography, computer crime and privacy law is fascinating. I always appreciate finding and following new cases as they arise. If you also appreciate where law and computers and the internet collide than this is a subreddit you want on your list. Here you’ll find news discussed regarding computer crime, privacy, free speech law, copyright and more related topics.



05 malware


Viruses and data malicious software are everywhere it seems. I remember the first time I was nailed with a boot sector virus some time in the early 1990s. It ruined a weekend and I lost a lot of data. But it did spark an interest in how malicious software worked and information security. While this subreddit isn’t a place to go for help when it comes to cleansing personal system infections. It is the place to find information about new malware reports and related information. I’ve learned a lot monitoring the threads here.



06 reverse engineer

Reverse engineering software

Want to study the malware? Learn how certain software or devices work? See how to securely setup sandboxes and virtual machines so that it is safe to step through the actions of a virus, some ransomware, or other malicious software. In addition to advanced topics on reverse engineering, there are beginner and career threads here as well.



07 netsec


This is an active subreddit that focuses on the technical issues surrounding information security and related news. I’ve learned a lot in the threads here over the years.



08 hacker steroids

Hackers on Steroids

Just like anti-forensics, which is a place for those who want to learn about the art of evading forensics tools and techniques, /r/blackhat is about how to exploit system and software vulnerabilities as well as controls enterprises put in place to defend their data and applications. If you are a security professional and want to get a sense for how some of your adversaries may be thinking, this is a place to visit.



09 ir archaeologist

IR Archaeologists

Here is where you go to learn the science of computer forensics and how to investigate and recover digital materials and evidence. From the reddit’s description, the topics are not limited to just computers. It encompasses all media that may also fall under digital forensics, whether video recorders, mobile phones, tablets, Internet of Things, and so on. The topics here include digital forensics, incident response, malware analysis, and more.



10 netsec students

Netsec for students

A place to share resources, ask questions, and help other students learn network security specialties. You’ll find discussions about malware experiences, how to run a penetration test, information security training, and many other topics of interest to those wanting to learn.



11 what security

What Security?

This is an active group, and one to keep a steady eye on if you want to keep up with the latest organizations that have been hacked, health records exposed, or the most recent enterprises hit with ransomware. There are a lot of posts here that don’t make it to the press, so it’s definitely worth your while to visit.


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