How San Diego fights off 500,000 cyberattacks a day

What it takes to protect San Diego’s complex network of smart city and legacy technology

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Nearly 27 years of network and cybersecurity experience with the Department of Defense didn’t prepare Gary Hayslip for the collection of disparate technologies he encountered when he joined the city of San Diego.

“Cities don't get rid of anything. If it works, why get rid of it? So you end up having a lot of diverse technologies connected together. You may have something that's 15 years old connected to stuff that's state of the art,” says Hayslip, whose DoD tenure included 20 years of active-duty military service and seven years working in civil service for the military.

“Police cars, ambulances, libraries, water treatment facilities, golf courses … One of the things you learn real quickly: the city of San Diego is $4 billion business. And cities don’t shut down. They run 24/7,” he says. “My almost 27 years in DoD did not prepare me for how interesting city networks are."

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